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“Health counseling is a psycho-educational process that revolves around helping clients understand and cope with the feelings and emotions associated with their health problems.”

Do you want to develop a career in health counseling?  Health counseling is one career where you can reach a height where there is no looking back. It gives you the position to help different people in their problems and lead them to the right direction. Nowadays, the health counseling programs have gained a good popularity. In these programs, people come with their several health issues. A counselor needs to understand the problems of the people and guide them the right way.

Health counseling is a stream practiced by a variety of health professionals ranging from psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses and physicians. They help people with problems ranging from diverse health issues to stress-management. The clients often require more than one visit to solve their problems. Strict guidelines are laid for health counseling.

Health counseling often comes in three forms: primary, secondary and tertiary.

Primary Counseling: It involves working for people who have not developed any problem, but may have the risk of developing it. For instance, nowadays there are many counseling programs on smoking. Among the clients, there may be few people who smoke, but there may be many people who have never smoked. Yet, these programs give them all the information about the demerits of smoking. This kind of counseling is usually held in groups.

Secondary Counseling: This type of counseling generally involves screening programs. People are examined to detect some health problems. For instance, in a HIV testing program people go there to get them checked. A health counselor apart from checking his/her clients also imparts some basic knowledge on HIV.

Tertiary Counseling: Tertiary counseling is the most difficult form of counseling that involves clients who have been suffering from a disease for a long time and have now developed some complications. The counselor’s role is to impart him/her emotional strength. They work towards changing their negative outlook of life to a positive outlook.

Health counseling programs are not only aimed at improving health, but they are also committed towards reducing the stress-levels of one’s life.

Let’s look at some of the great benefits of counseling:

  • Sometimes, a person faces a problem which he/she cannot share with anyone. A counselor is the best person to help that person with his problem.
  • The solutions given by the counseling is often the best solution.
  • Since, counseling is a two-way communication. The client gains a lot from the session.

A health counselor helps his/her client to feel better. Counselors are the people who specialize in their respective field. The counselors need to be well-informed and well-read. Basically they are the people who are multi-skilled. They should have great inter-personal skills so that people can easily share their problems with him. He needs to be professional enough to confide his/her client’s personal details and problems. Sometimes it takes more than one session to help a client with his problem. That is the reason why he needs to be extremely patient.

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