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Health education is very important as complexities have made our lives stressful. As we are subjected to more stress, it affects our health adversely. Eventually, it leads to various stress related disorders. It may not be of much concern to you especially if you have health insurance. But healthcare costs are escalating with every passing day. Not only that, it is becoming more expensive. It is a well known fact that Americans have been deprived of healthcare that is easily affordable and accessible. As a result, medical bankruptcy has become very common.

Health education helps you to choose the right healthcare plan and coverage
If you are able to get proper guidance and the healthcare plans that you should opt for, it can help you to save your hard earned cash. In addition to extensive information about health insurance premiums, it is important to have sound knowledge about the type of coverage that will be adequate for you.

Health education helps you to lead a healthy life
Health education is not just about selecting the right healthcare plan but it will guide you to lead a healthy life and what steps you should take for the same. Some of the health topics that may be dealt with in health education include the following –

Healthy diet
A health educator will inform you about the food that you should include in your diet that will give you optimum proportion of fruits, vitamins, cereals, grains, minerals, and proteins.

Exercise regime
Exercise helps you to keep yourself active by allowing your muscles and different organs to function properly. Health education will help you to find out which exercises will keep you fit and which ones you should avoid.

Disorders and diseases
A health educator will give you extensive information on the most common diseases that afflict us, the symptoms, remedies etc for the same. For instance, diabetes is a common disease that affects majority of the people. Health education will guide you on how diabetes can be prevented, if you are suffering from the same, what should be your role in controlling this disease and the treatment for the same.

Mental and physical health
In addition to maintaining a sound physical health, it is equally important to maintain proper mental health. This is achieved through health education.

Latest health news etc
Health education will enable you to know what is going on in the world of medicine. This may include the latest findings, prescription drugs, and medical tools that have been launched in the market etc.


A health educator is an individual who is experienced, is well versed in the medical profession and makes use of appropriate teaching methods to develop awareness among individuals, professionals from different walks of life, institutions, and community as a whole.

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