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Health and Hygiene

Health and hygiene form an integral part of your life. If you don’t lead a hygienic life, you cannot expect to be healthy. Both complement each other. In order to look your best daily, it is important that you address needs of your personal hygiene.

Given below are few measures you can take to maintain health & hygiene:


Bathing twice a day is a good way of keeping your body free of dirt, grime and dust particles which you collect throughout the day. It is important to bathe after you return home after a strenuous day. This helps you to release your stress and relax. Similarly, before stirring out of your house in the morning, it is important to bathe as it will leave you fresh throughout the day. It is not only for maintaining your health & hygiene but you are able to live up to the hectic schedule of the day.


Your hair length should be just right for you to maintain it properly. If you have long hair and you are not being able to manage it, cut off the tresses to get a manageable and a tidy look. The hairstyle you choose should be done keeping in mind how much you can care for the same.

Dandruff is a common problem, which can be oily or dry. It results due to lack of health & hygiene of your hair. Make sure you wash your hair regularly. It is relaxing too. Use a mild or a strong shampoo depending on the type of your hair- oily or dry.

There are many people who color their hair. Coloring your hair may give you good looks but it damages the quality and texture. Under such circumstances it is better to get your hair treated with conditioners.


Keeping your nails clean and tidy is important too. If your nails are dirty or the edges are sharp and not cared for, it can hurt you or someone else who is in close proximity to you. You can avoid such an embarrassing situation by trimming your nails regularly.


It is important to keep your hands clean. This is because we tend to touch each and every thing around. And unknowingly we pick up germs, dirt and dust particles. Use hand soaps and other medicated liquid soaps to keep your hands germ free.


Make it a point to brush your teeth 2 to 3 times a day and especially after snacks and meals. Make use of toothbrush that has resilient bristles. Use mouthwash to make your oral health & hygiene complete.


Avoid cutting your nails too close to the skin. Keep them clipped to avoid injury. Scrub your legs regularly. Make sure you dry your toes before putting on your socks. Pamper your legs whenever you find time.

In addition to looking after your physical health, it is equally important to maintain sound mental health. Too much of stress and competition can rob you off a peaceful sleep. It is important to get sleep for 8 to 9 hours. It will rejuvenate you from within. So, make health & hygiene an important part of your life and keep diseases at bay.

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