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Health and Money

Health & money play equally important role in our lives. They both are required for a balanced living. But when it comes to a choice between health & money, many of us get confused. Of course, the decision may vary from one person to another, mainly because there are many people, who give priority to their health over money, while for some health comes only after money. There are basically two different philosophies regarding this debate:

Money is not all: Money is, of course, a dominant factor in this world. But can you enjoy your life without a good health, despite having all the treasures in the world? The answer is ‘NO’. Health is the factor, which keeps us going and doing all the things, which are needed to perform all the routine tasks. Health is all to work and earn and to enjoy every moment of life. With money and no health, can we even think of appreciating life?

Good health cannot give all the pleasures in life: Let’s face the fact… we live for money. From schooling to higher studies, all our actions are guided by thoughts of money making. We constantly aim at earning more money and enjoying life to the fullest. Can good health bring us all we need? No, good health only can give us a healthy lifestyle, but what about all other pleasures and merriments?

These are two basic philosophies when it comes to a debate between health & money. No matter, what you personally think, but ideally, you should always choose according to what occasion demands. Rather than focusing on either health or money, we should aim at how we can save our valuable money in our health benefits and how we can use our good health to save money.

Using money on health benefits: The cleverest way to spend money on health benefits is life and health insurance. Insurance policies are taken to cover all the risks, related to our life and belongings. They are also instrumental to save your taxes. But since there is plethora of choices, you have to make your decision carefully so that it serves both the purposes at once.

Good health reforms money: Too often we neglect minor health ailments only in an attempt to save money. But if you want to save a good amount of money in the future, it is wise to cure minor ailments at the preliminary stage. Moreover, try to improve your overall health by quitting smoking and drinking, and by reducing extra weights. Don’t forget regular checkups. They are important to trace out medical conditions. If we maintain a good health, we can avoid any health condition to a great extent.

There should not be any rift between health & money, since they both are indispensable for a complete life.

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