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Health and Yoga

Health and fitness has become one of the growing concerns of today. Due to the stressed lifestyle people nowadays are opting towards the healthy ways of leading life. Simple fitness exercises such as yoga are greatly helpful in maintaining a fit body. Yoga and other easy workouts play a major role in maintaining good health. Health & yoga in some or the other way is interlinked to each other.  Yoga is one of the simplest yet great ways of maintaining good health and mind. “Derived from the Sanskrit root “Yujir Yogey” meaning to unite, to yoke, to join, to put together, yoga is not mind over body”. It creates a perfect balance between the mind and body.

Yoga dates back to 5000 years. Unbelievably, the first teachings of yoga were imparted on the battle field. Around 1500 years later, another epic called ‘Patanjali’ involving a series of 195 aphorisms came into existence.

Unlike all other fitness regimes, yoga is well-suited to all age-groups. Health & yoga should be one of the top-most priorities of all working professionals. Yoga greatly enhances the stamina and immunity power of our body. Being one of the most economical methods of maintaining good health it is also one of the most effective ways of fighting against some of the serious health ailments such as asthma, osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, colitis, depression and several cardiovascular diseases. Yoga is often considered as the best form of health insurance for people of all age-groups.

Ayurveda has postulated the role of yoga and meditation for maintaining health as well as in cure of many diseases. People in all age-groups should practice meditation religiously. This will not only help in improving one’s health, but will also impart a great mental strength. People all over the world are immensely benefited with the different yoga practices.

Yoga is not just an exercise, but it is altogether a way of life. Interestingly, the therapeutic effect of yoga is the direct outcome of involving one’s mind in the ‘Asanas’. Yoga is all about integrating your breath into your inner being. Yoga practices never call for any stress or strain.
Some of the great benefits of yoga are:

  • Minimizes the stress and increases the degree of relaxation.
  • Increases the stamina and physical strength.
  • Boosts up the immunity power and helps to fight against many illnesses.
  • Improves the blood circulation in the body.
  • Creates a balance between your mind and body.
  • Infuses greater levels of concentration and self-control.
  • Enhances tolerance to pain and improves the mental balance.
  • Imparts healthy and glowing skin.
  • Helps in treating sleep disorders.

Yoga poses are better known as yoga asanas. The literary meaning of asana is ‘staying and abiding’. The different kinds of yoga asanas or yoga postures are:

Standing asanas: They bring elasticity in joints and muscles. The beginners always start with standing asanas.
Forward bending asanas: In these asanas, the half of the body is stretched. They bring consistency in the physical and mental ability.
Sitting asanas: They involve sitting upright preparing a person for ‘prayanama’.
Inverted asanas: They give great strength and increase the mental balance.
Abdominal health: They help to improve the digestion and helps in calming down the abdominal organs.
Balancing asanas: They help to balance the arms and wrists.

These asanas form the perfect base of health & yoga. These asanas provide great health benefits. Some of which are as follows:

  • They help in proper functioning of the respiratory system.
  • A proper blood flow is maintained, thus controlling the blood pressure of your body.
  • Some of the asanas is greatly beneficial for people who are keen to lose weight.
  • They help in increasing our concentration levels.
  • In spite of providing great muscle flexibility these yoga asanas also strengthen all body parts.
  • The stress levels are exceptionally reduced with the regular practice of yoga.

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