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In this age of globalization where time has become a constraint, people have become more object-oriented and focused towards their goals. We all have a common problem- that is; we all face an acute time constraint in everything we do. Lack of proper time management is the major problem that is affecting our daily activities, be it working at home or at our respective professional places.


Home is the abode of love, care, comfort and relationship. A house when bonded with love becomes a paradise, a perfect haven and a retreat for the soul from the monotony of life. It entirely depends upon you to decide how you are going to manage your home. You are the home-maker; you know your family the best. Decorate your home according to your preference and make it your ideal place. Interiors of a house speak a lot about its owner as well.


Here are some tips for living at a rented home. You can put a nice and beautiful mirror in your bedroom. One of the advantages of putting up mirrors is that it makes your room seem larger than it actually is. A mirror with a nice border or frame will give a nice artistic look. Next, you should avoid dumping your rooms. This will only eat up your space. Use light paints to color your walls and window coverings. Allow plenty of sunrays to enter your rooms as these will keep them refreshed and lively. You can also decorate your living room with small furniture with artistic designs.


We provide you with tips for making ideal bedrooms. To begin with, bedrooms should be designed with decorative touches and painted with the choicest of colors. It is interesting to note that colors have a deep impact on our mind. So, selecting the appropriate color is very important as it sets the tone for mood and romance with your partner. You can use colors like creamy sand, warm taupe, light green, red or for that matter, purple. Dim lights create a perfect atmosphere for romance in the bedroom.


Decorating the interiors with silk, sequins, faux silk and other fabrics is a good idea. You can also hang your wedding photograph on the wall or an erotic photo of your honeymoon or even an artistic nude female figure. However, there is one suggestion. Try to avoid having a TV in your bedroom unless you plan to watch erotic movies with your partner. A bedroom symbolizes love, comfort and sleep. An unnecessary TV set will only add to spoil the mood.


 Cleaning your house is a hectic job and it consumes a lot of your energy. There are a few time-saving cleaning tips which help you to get an effective cleaning and gives your home a refreshed look. To begin with you must prioritize your task. It is not possible for you to do everything at a time. On the contrary, if you start with your kitchen and then with the rooms (according to your priority), you will definitely save time.


Keep all the cleaning materials right in front of your hand so that you do not waste time in searching them. Another important thing that you can do is to work out in a team. You can ask your spouse and your child to help you out with cleaning and allot them a task too. Finally, dump the trash. These things take up a lot of space and are indeed difficult to clean. Get rid of all the unwanted materials and give your house a perfect look.


Organizing your bathroom is another important curriculum of your homely activity. Take care to dispose off the medicines with over expiry date in the medicines cabinet. If you are not using any product, throw them away and substitute them with fresh ones. You can also hang a magazine rack beside the toilet in a comfortable position so that you can read them at your convenience.


It is suggested that you dispose off mini soaps and small shampoo bottles that you might have collected during one of your stays at a hotel. These things consume much of your space. Rather, its better that you let go of them. The cabinet under the sink is another place which becomes a common dumping ground. Take care to remove all the scrap materials which are of no use actually. You can also change ribbons and hair clips from time to time which you attach on the wall in your bathroom.


One of the other tips is to do your work in parts rather than complete it at a time. It means that you can use clean up your bathroom little by little every day rather than doing it at a time. This will make your work a lot easier. If you are using electronic gadgets like blow dryers or hot curlers, make sure that they have retractable wires. In one corner of your bathroom, you can also keep a stand alone rack for tucking towels.


If you are planning to move out from your home, then it is better to start packing in advance. You can pack at least one box a day. This will help you to reduce the cumulative work (that leads to confusion) on the final day of shifting. It is a good idea to label your boxes and if possible, you can also mention in which room you want them to be placed. It is always handy to have a list of things that you need to pack before you actually shift.


It is true that last minute packing is bound to end in mess and will inevitably create confusion. An important tip is that you should maintain a small box for passport, small valuables, license, medical insurance certificates and other important papers. In another box, you can have other important things like first aid kit, tools, medications, towels, sheets, bags, toilet paper among others. Also, take special care to move all the important and invaluable items yourself.

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