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Types of Apartments

A fully functional residential facility, which is a part of a building, is called an Apartment. The apartment, in itself, is fully suitable for staying. Only difference is that, unlike a house which is an entire building in itself, apartments are only a part of the entire building. Apartments may either be owned by an owner or rented by tenants.

Apartments in general can be classified into several types. Apartments can be of one bedroom, two bedrooms or even three bedrooms. Apartments those are small usually have only one entrance while apartments those are large in size have two entrance depending on the design of the apartment. The types of apartment are categorized below:

• Basement Apartment – A basement apartment is usually located underneath another construction usually below the street level. These types of apartment come with a lot of problem. Usually these are small and congested, tend to remain damp, lack proper sunlight and airflow and are prone to burglary.

• Business Apartment – A business apartment is usually designed in a way to suit the stay of short term or mid term business travelers. These apartment are well equipped with IT and telecommunication tools. More space and privacy is provided by these apartments but the services are lesser than hotel rooms. However, the services of these apartments vary with each type. These types of apartments are often included in the hotel complex.

• English Basement – This type of apartment is generally located on the lowest floor of a building that is partially above and below the ground level. An apartment like this has its separate access and is usually given on rent. This type of apartment is mostly found in foreign countries like, U.S.A and London.

• Garden Apartment – This type of apartment usually consists of low rise apartment buildings built with landscaped grounds around them. Each garden apartment has its own entrance and generally consists of only one level. However, there are some modern garden apartments, which are 3 storied high.

• Garage Apartment - The apartment that is built within the walls of, or on top of the garage of a house refers to garage apartment. There is a separate entrance for such an apartment and is not necessarily attached with the main house. 

• Penthouse Apartment – A penthouse apartment is a solo dwelling unit that is usually located on one of the uppermost floor of an apartment. These apartments usually tend to be very luxurious.

• Railroad Apartment – An apartment that usually has series of connecting rooms in a line is referred to as railroad apartment. These apartments have a hallway running the length of the full apartment from front door to the back door. Such apartments are most common in San Francisco and New York City.

• Serviced Apartment – A serviced apartment is a self contained furnished apartment usually designed for short term or long term stays. These are generally cheaper then the hotel rooms and offer facilities for daily use. Such an apartment guarantees more space, privacy and freedom and can prove to be very convenient while traveling with family. It also come equipped with kitchen facilities.

• Studio Apartment – A studio apartment is generally designed suiting a bachelor’s need. It is a self contained small apartment consisting of a living room, a bedroom and a kitchen along with a bathroom. These are the smallest apartments.

• Short stay Apartment - These are furnished apartments rented for a short period of time usually days or weeks. Such an apartment consists of self-sufficient apartment space including a lounge, a bathroom and a kitchen. These kinds of apartments provide freedom and seclusion to the individual.

Benefits of Apartments:

These apartments are very beneficial because they come with high levels of security. These apartments provide 2 or 3 tier security right from the gate to the lift and the apartment. Apartments are also more convenient than owning a house as the general maintenance is taken care of by the owner.


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