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Bathroom is the most important room of our home. Today’s bathrooms are more of a relaxing sanctuary. The present bathroom designs reflect one’s style and personality. As things have changed, more and more people are opting for modern bathroom designs. The designers are also coming up with unlimited options of luxurious bathroom accessories. In spite of the great choices available, it is not that difficult to create a stylish and modern bathroom for yourself. The modern bathroom designs give the experience of spa in the home.

There was a time when bathroom was just like any other room of our home. Today’s bathrooms have moved ahead in terms of luxury and style. It has now become a place to relax and sooth one’s senses. Builders nowadays have introduced the spa-like amenities in the bathroom. Homeowners are looking forward to recreate the spa experience right at home. Designers are seeking new ways to add luxury and comfort to your bath. Home-owners want to bring the amazing bathing experience of five-star hotels right in their bathroom. Waterproof music controls and speakers get the music directly into the showers. Stylish vessel sinks are now making their way in today’s bathrooms.

Go through the following factors that can give a modern look to your bathroom:

Color: The floral-pattern sinks goes well with walls colored with solid colors like red and apple-green. It imparts a refreshing look thereby making your bathroom look more royal and elegant.

Vanities: Vanities serve as the store-houses for bathroom. Wall-hung vanities are the popular options nowadays. Opt for different vanity designs.

Bathtubs: Bathtubs are the popular bathing options for large-sized bathrooms.

Tiles: Opt for large tiles on the floor and medium-sized brick tiles on the wall. They make the bathroom look more spacious.

Tapware: Single tap continues to be most popular with their elegant look and appearance. Square-shaped tapware have also become very prominent nowadays.

Basin Shapes: More and more designs are evolving out of the conventional geometric shapes. The present basins have become round. Choose from the endless possibilities of basins with floral patterns and textures. The freestanding basins are the popular choices for bathrooms short in space.

Showers: The new showers with lots of water outlets give a stylish retreat to one’s bathroom.

These little luxuries are available in different price ranges. With smart planning and careful selections you will easily achieve your personal vision for a luxurious bath.


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