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Curtains in House

Home curtains are very important home accessories to enhance the entire look of your home. These decorative pieces are nothing but utility furnishings to block heat, light and cold and at the same time to maintain the privacy of the inhabitants of a household. Moreover, a curtain has the capability to enrich the ambiance of the total household. There are many materials available when it comes to curtains; from cotton to silk; from sheer to polyester. Each one of them has different characteristics, to make your home look different. But you need to choose according to your budget and personal tastes. For example, rich textured home curtains can make your home look luxurious while cotton curtains can offer a softer and lighter appeal. Generally, there are three types of home curtains according to their functionalities:

  • Sush curtains: Sush curtains are mainly used to filter the sunlight from coming in. These types of curtains are mainly used in bedrooms. 
  • Draw curtains: Draw curtains are used to completely block the sunlight from coming. Draw curtains are used in living rooms and dining areas. 
  • Drapes: Drapes are used as pure decorative accessory. Since they are purely decorative in purpose, they are used in living rooms or study rooms. 

Apart from that, according to style, home curtains are of three types: themed, traditional and contemporary. In themed curtains, a particular theme or pattern is followed. Traditional curtains are heavier and generally made of healthy materials like silk. In most traditional curtains, heavy embroidery work is done. Contemporary home curtains don’t have any embroidery or have any use of heavy fabrics. The usage of home curtain accessories like laces, tassels, valances, tie back, rods, scarf drapery, trims, hold backs, passementerie etc can be used to enhance the look of the curtains. But this mainly depends on your personal taste and preferences.

Cotton home curtains, polyester curtains and silk curtains… these are the most used home curtains used in households, although there are other varieties like tissue, nylon, wool, lace, velvet and many more. When it comes to decorative home curtains, you can choose from heavy embroidered silk curtains from light cotton curtains. There are numbers of techniques and weave patterns which are being applied to home curtains, only in order to accent the whole home décor.

One latest trend in home curtains is mix and match. In this, you just have to mix and match different styles to give it a different look. But you have to keep some points in your mind while mixing different styles. For example, don’t mix two similar fabrics, because they can ruin the look of the curtains. Curtain is the part of the home décor, in which the scope for creativity is endless. You only need to experiment with different styles and designs.

Curtain Fabrics

When it comes to the fabrics of the curtain, you can have endless of options around you. But you need to choose the material, which suits your wants and needs. For example, if you need privacy in your room, heavier material like silk is best. If you need sunlight and heat to come into the room, you can go for lighter material like cotton. For bathroom, you need a material, which can survive in the wet and humid atmosphere of the area. For bathroom, plastic curtains are the best.

Things to consider before buying curtains: Buying curtains is an important decision, since the look of your home depends upon it. There are a number of factors, which you should consider before buying the curtains. Consider each and every room before buying curtains. Each room has a separate environment and thus it should be decorated in the unique way. Given below are three major considerations, which you need to keep in mind before shopping for your home curtains:

• Budget: Always choose the material according to your budget. There are many fabrics, which look sensational but they are available in high price. Decide your budget for every curtain.

• Purpose: Always decide the purpose of the curtains. If you are installing them for privacy, go for heavier material. On the contrary, if you want to invite heat, light, and air into the room, hang lighter materials.

• Light control: Curtains are very useful to control the lights of the room. If you want a dark atmosphere in the room, choose heavy materials. On the contrary, lighter materials can be ideal to welcome sunlight and air into your room.

Always buy the curtains after revising the aforementioned criteria. Curtains can be the focal point of your room, if you can decorate it properly. There are many websites and lifestyle magazines, where you can find a number of ideas on decoration with curtains. Be it any style or the fabric, you can do wonders with curtains.

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