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Bathroom Curtains and Drapes

Bathroom drapes play a vital role in maintaining bathroom privacy. Moreover, they are an important bathroom accessory, which enhance the aesthetic appeal of any bathroom. Bathroom curtains are extremely cost-effective, and you will have multiple options in designs and colors to choose from. There are many furniture and lifestyle stores, which can provide you with thousands of bathroom drape options. You also can search them on online websites. There is plethora of different types of bathroom drapes that you may find it difficult to make a choice. But choosing the most suitable one for your bathroom is the real challenge.

Bathroom drapes are mainly divided into two parts: shower drapes and bathroom window drapes. While choosing a shower curtain, you need to consider its functionality first. But you don’t have to compromise with the aesthetics for this, since you can easily bridge up these two factors. Choose the padded curtains for the inside of the shower, which will restrict the water to damage the curtain and choose an attractive looking curtain on the outside which will enrich the overall appeal of your bathroom. When it comes to choose two fabrics, it may sound a little expensive. But you can act smart by choosing one material like vinyl, which looks great and at the same time is waterproof.

Selecting window drapes for your bathroom is more challenging job, since you have to maintain many factors. Given below are some useful tips for you, which can help you to choose the right kind of bathroom window drapes:

Right Fabric is The Key: The functionality of the bathroom curtains depends highly on the fabric of the curtains. Bathroom is such a place, where water is seen all around. So, you also need to choose the bathroom drape fabrics, which fit in any wet and humid condition. For this purpose, cotton curtains are the best for bathroom, as they are easy to wash as well as they are efficient in moist and wet conditions. 

Say No To Long Curtains: Even if they look elegant and stylish, but long curtains are just not suitable for your bathroom. Choose long drapes for your living room or guest room, but don’t go for long drapes for your bathroom. If the curtains touch the bathroom floor, they may get wet and at the same time may get toadstool, which is not at all hygienic.

Color Matters: Have you ever thought what makes your simple bathroom curtains look great? Well, bathroom wall colors play a pivotal role in this. You need to perfectly match the bathroom drape colors with the bathroom wall colors. Always go for complimentary colors, so that they can compliment the entire bathroom décor. In case you have bathroom tiles with a certain theme, you can consider choosing bathroom curtains which go well with the theme. 

Curtains With Top Halves: Modern day bathrooms are not at all huge in size. So, bathroom curtains should not look overwhelming compared to the size of the bathroom. For this reason, curtains with top halves are best for bathrooms. You can try swags, valances, cafs, etc, which are great to look at and at the same time they don’t make your bathroom look smaller. 

When it comes to bathroom drapes, most people hardly care to give it a second thought, mainly because they only consider efficiency and functionality. But aesthetics sense is also important to beautify the entire bathroom décor. After all, bathroom is a very important part of a home.

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