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Country Curtains

Are you putting the finishing touches on your country home décor? If so, ensure that you hang country style curtains on all of the windows and doors. Country curtains make your country decor stand out and give a complete look to the rooms in your home or office. There are many people who prefer the country style home décor in all the rooms of the house. This gives an effect throughout the whole house and makes your house look outstanding.

If you are using country style curtains in a country styled home, it will definitely be a lot fun. Remember, a simpler curtain can bring more country look to your rooms. When you are decorating your rooms in a country style, consider colors with great importance.

Color of Country Curtains

Are you out to shop country style curtains? Most of the country curtains, which are available in the market, are colors such as the country blue or the mauve country pink. In country home décor, these types of colors are immensely popular. Among the other notable colors of country curtains include hunter green, rusty brown, and maroon. It is always suggested to choose the color of the curtain matching your home décor. So, you can also consider green, maroon, and rust colors as well.

Country Curtain Designs

Country curtains are of various beautiful designs in swags, panels, tiers, and valances. Following is brief discussion of some of the popular types of Country curtain designs:

Swag Design – This is one of the most popular types of window covering that you may consider for a larger window. For a patio door or set of French doors too, swag design fits excellently.  Swags are not same as tiebacks. Swag design country curtains drape over the top of the window on special holders. For this reason, they do not require any regular curtain rod.

Valance curtains – On the other hand, valance curtains which are another popular types of country curtain, require a curtain rod. These types of curtains are required to be hung with tiers. This is because the valances are used only for the upper window. If you are looking for country curtains for your kitchen, this could be your ideal choice.

Country Curtain Shops

There are many branded stores that come with array of country curtain designs. If you are ready to shop for country style curtains, you can do a bit research about the stock of these companies from their websites. You can also get an idea about the price of Country curtains from these websites. Many also offer online buying facility and there is also discount on curtains and shipping as well.


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