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Designer Curtains

What is the basic difference between designer curtains and mass marketed curtains? Uniqueness… Designer curtains are uniquely designed keeping various needs and requirements in mind while mass marketed curtains are made with minimum creativity. Designer curtains are designed by interior designers in order to give each and every corner of your home a unique and lavish look. Each designer curtain is different from the others, in terms of style and design. Designer curtains offer such a feel that they are made exactly for your rooms. Such is the impact of any designer curtain. For this reason, designer curtains are much more expensive than the mass marketed curtains.

Curtains are mainly used for window decorating as well as to maintain the privacy of the inhabitants of the household. For this reason, curtains play a vital role in enhancing the entire home décor. Curtain fabrics and curtain designs play a vital role in a curtain design. For different rooms and different purposes, there are different designs and fabrics available. Designers have to keep these details in mind and at the same time add their personal touch to match it up with the client’s requirements. Whether you are looking for traditional or contemporary designer curtains, the designers have unique and classy designer curtain ideas for you.

When it comes to designer curtain fabrics, the choices are enormous. From heavier fabrics like silk and linens to light fabrics like cotton and brocades… you can have plethora of choices in designer curtain fabrics. But you need to choose according to your wants and needs. If you want enough sunlight and air to come in into your rooms, then you have to choose light materials like cotton. But if you want to restrict the light, heat and air from coming in, you have to go for heavier materials like silk. Generally, bedrooms, which need intimacy and coziness, need heavier designer curtains, while living rooms or kitchen need lighter curtains.

Apart from designs and fabrics, designer curtain hardware also plays a vital role to enrich the overall look of the curtains as well as your home décor. Designer curtains minus designer hardware will not do, rather they can ruin the aesthetic appeal of the well-designed curtains. The trends of simple rods have gone long back. These days, you can have numbers of stylish curtain hardware accessories, which will suit the rich design and fabrics. Brackets, rings, eyelets, scarfholders, sconces, tie backs, hold backs, wooden pools, finials… these are some of the new inventions in designer curtain hardware. With so many options, you also can go for the curtains with pleats and dupions.

Now, the question arises where you can find these designer curtains? Well, you can visit various lifestyle stores and furniture houses. But the easiest and most convenient way to search them is online websites. Most of the reputed designer furniture stores have their official websites. You can browse these sites for designer curtain ideas online. You can find thousands of design ideas within just a few seconds. If you like them, you can order them online. Or you also can visit their stores if you want to see more varieties. Designer curtains have great aesthetic appeal, but you need to spend a few more bucks for them. But of course, the spending is worthy enough.


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