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Formal Curtains

Are you redesigning your house? If yes, have you thought about the window coverings? It could be said without doubt that curtains play an important role in bringing a new look to your rooms. So, there must be a careful choice of color and material and you must consider about the curtain styles as well. The style is important as it can change the design of your home. Have you ever considered using formal curtains for your home décor? This is one of the most popular types of curtains you can think of to give a new dimension to your room.

Materials for Formal Curtains

There are some certain fabrics that ideally fit into formal setting. Silk, satin, velvet, chintz and jacquard weaves are the best example in this regard. But cotton is considered as a material for informal curtains. So, if you are choosing materials to make formal curtains, avoid cotton.

Color and Pattern of Formal Curtains

Whatever styles of curtains you are opting for, the color and pattern is the most important matter to consider. The same is applicable for formal curtains as well. Color of the formal curtains should be like that it suits the room. In fact, it is better to shop for formal curtains once the painting of the room is done. It will give a clear idea to select the ideal color for the room. The design on the fabric must also complement the design of room that you are decorating.

Types of Formal Curtains

When it comes to formal curtains, there are varieties of options. You can use formal curtains for your living room, dining room, etc. Following are some of the types of formal curtains that you might consider for your home:

Pinch Pleat

This type of formal curtains is ideal for the rooms which don’t have much wall space beside the window. A formal dining room could be the best example in this context. Pinch pleat curtain type basically comprises groups of triple pleats which are spaced equally along the curtain. This also creates a formal heading.

Concealed Tab Top

Concealed tap top formal curtains are the best for use as side drapes. Apart from bringing new elegance it also adds color, pattern or texture to your room. It could be termed as the modern version of traditional tab top.

Prices of Formal Curtains

Prices of formal curtains differ from one design to another. It also depends on the material as well. While shopping, consider a number of things including the size of the curtain, fabric, etc. However, you can buy Soiree Taffeta Solid Interlined formal curtains in $24.99, while Jaclyn Smith Traditions Lined Teal curtains could be obtained in just $16.19.

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