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Home Drapes

For those perfect interior and lavish home settings, home drapes are perfect to get you the desired effect. Home drapes are slightly different from home curtains, its length touching the floor and material a bit thicker than the curtains. Home decoration drapes are available in wide varieties and collection to suit individual taste and requirement. Some of the common types of drapes for home decoration are:

• Stationary drapes
• Lace drapes
• Sheers
• Casual swags
• Draw drapes

Drapes not only add to the decoration and interior of the house but also bring out the interior decoration theme in the best way. Available in innumerable colors, shapes, sizes and patterns, home drapes are the best form of coverings materials for your home items and windows and doors. Silk drapes, laced drapes, cotton drapes, and linen drapes are the most popular materials for drapes. The designs and colors you choose should be complementing the interiors and other decorative items of your home. A boring or dull room can be jazzed within matter of moments if you add stylish drapes and covers to the interiors. The interior decoration books and home design magazines are some of the most helpful means of getting new ideas of decorating homes perfect for your home type. A living room, bedroom, and dining area can look immensely boring and incomplete without proper matching drapes to go with the texture and color of walls.

Home drapery has a lot to offer to make your dream home come true. From luxury home drapes to vintage drapes, drapery comes in numerous styles and patterns to suit individual tastes and preferences. Let’s have a look at some of the popular fabrics and types of drapes to help you with new ideas of home decoration. 

Home Drape Styles

• Silk Drapes: Perfect for fashion interiors and fancy bedrooms, silk drapes are perfect for lavish and grand set ups. These drapes come quite expensive and look immensely elegant and sophisticated. It can create wonderful background ideas for your room. However, it takes quite a bit to maintain and clean these drapes keeping in mind the delicate fabric and its stitches. Mild detergents are the best things to clean these drapes without many hassles.

• Velvet Drapes: To give your room that classy and designer touch, what can be a better means than velvet drapes that not only make your rooms look graceful and elegant but also add a grand touch to your rooms.

• Blackout Drapes: blackout drapes are the best way to block the sunlight from entering your room. Most of the people like to put it in their bedrooms to get an eclipsed effect in the room. These drapes are so heavy and thick that the darkness in your room seems to be as good as nightfall.

• Linen Drapes: One of the most popular types of drapes, linen drapes not only make the interiors of your room look beautiful and gorgeous but also are easy to maintain. These drapes are favorite for the wide array of designs and patterns they’re available in. These drapes also look classy and chic for all types of bedrooms.

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