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Living Room Curtains

When it comes to selecting living room curtains, almost all of us get a panic attack. Various stores, life style magazines, furniture websites… every thing seems to fall short, when we sit to choose perfect living room curtains. You mainly choose from latest trends but ideally, living room drapes should reflect the lifestyle of the household and how the members of the family use the living room. When an outsider or a visitor enters a home, he/she encounters the living room first. So, it is very to decorate each and every aspect of the living room minutely, so that the person gets a positive impact over your life style.

Generally, living rooms are the largest rooms in a household. And there should be large and many windows to match with the size. With the large windows, comes the opportunity to avail the warm effect of living room curtains. A perfect living room curtain not only looks great, but they also enhance the class-quotient of any living room, no matter if your living room is a small one. Since living rooms are used equally in day times as well as nights, you need to select the living room curtain fabrics carefully, so that they allow enough sunlight in the day time and bring some special impact in the nights.

While selecting the living room curtains, you need to consider a few factors first:

Consider The Rest of The Room: First consider the décor of the rest of the living room. If your living room is full of luxurious and expensive art pieces, then you have to choose an equally lavish curtain.

Fabric: Choose the living room curtain fabrics carefully. Functionality is the key factor to determine the fabric. If you want the curtains to restrict the sunlight from coming in, you have to choose heavy materials. Or if you want a breezy or casual look, go for cotton ones.

Colors: You need to pick the living room curtain colors according to your living room theme. Contemporary living room curtains require the ultimate use of plain and basic colored curtains along with straight or natural lines. But the traditional living room curtains need luxurious curtains with formal themes.

Curtain Hardware: Living room curtain hardware also plays a vital role in the overall look. Hardware like rods or brackets, which are needed to hang the curtains are as important as the curtains themselves.  

Sober or Minimalism: It is often a dilemma for interior designers when it comes to choose between minimalism and austere. It mainly depends upon what type of look you want. If you prefer traditional look, then you can have heavy and patterned curtains.
The Effects of Lights: Do the living room curtains look better in lamp lights? If no, then you need to choose the lightings carefully. Generally, dimmers are great to bring out the desired cozy effect in a living room.

If you choose the living room curtains a bit carefully, they can truly play a key role in enhancing the entire home décor.

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