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Whatever style of home you are having, an ideal window treatment can only give the perfect look to your home. And installing curtain panels could perhaps be one of the easiest window treatments. This is one of the most important curtain accessories and play pivotal role in home décor. In fact, apart from a room's decoration, curtain panels set the atmosphere of the room and give a complete feeling. Various styles of curtain panels are available in the market, and based on the decoration of your house, you can select them. Selecting the right type of curtain panels is very important. If you make mistake, it not only may cost you in terms of aesthetics or practicality, but also you have to live in a house which will feature an unfinished look.

What to Consider?

Are you heading towards the market to shop curtain panels? Before you set your journey, it is suggested to consider some vary crucial factors. In the market, you will find two main types of curtain panels - stationery and functional. Stationery curtain panels are known as decorating elements. On the other hand, functional curtain panels are not only beautiful but also help with the lighting in your room.

The next and most important factor is to decide on the width and length of the curtain panels. While measuring the width, one must not forget that for the curtains that are meant to be pleated, size should be 1 and ½ to 2 times of the actual width of the window. It is more difficult when you are deciding width for functional curtain panels. It is much easier to determine curtain panel width for non pleated (flat) style curtain.

The length of curtain panels is another most crucial factor to consider before set to shop. To measure the length, you need to gauge from the top of the rod to the point where the curtain will end. Many like to take the length just under the bottom of the ridge which gives it a cute and casual look. Normally, a traditional curtain panels end above the floor, while many add a couple of inches more for creating a nice flow. While deciding the length of the curtain, one must also select drapery pole and its position to place. The diameter of this pole plays a crucial role while determining the length of the curtain. Along with this, placement of the pole is also vital. Depending on this, the length of the curtain varies.

Choose Curtain Panels According to Curtain Style

While selecting curtain panels, you must keep curtain styles in mind. It is the curtain style that gives a different taste to your room. If you are choosing a stationery curtain set then it is ideal to choose flat panel styles.  The grommet and rod pocket are the best fit in this regard. If the rooms are large in size, then pleated panel styles and tab top style are the best choice. Prices of curtain panels are varied and it depends on the style and material. You can browse online to get some idea about the price.


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