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Curtain Poles & Finials

In the market, you will find Curtain poles & finials of various types and styles. These are important curtain accessories which need to be chosen as per your taste and budget. It is undeniable that behind every pair of beautiful curtains a lot of thoughts and planning is involved. Curtains not only give the rooms a new look, but also talk about your taste and passion. And the role of curtain poles & finials are also very crucial for your home décor. Curtain poles are of various diameters and they are available in materials such as, wrought iron, stainless steel, walnut, sapele, oak, maple, cherry, etc. The length of these curtain accessories need to be considered according to the size of the curtains. There are various branded stores that supply curtain poles & finials as per the choice of the consumers.

Types of Curtain Poles

A metal pole having a contemporary finish is the most common types of curtain poles. To hang the curtains, you can use various curtain accessories such as satin brass, polished chrome, satin nickel, etc. If you are considering traditional décor for the rooms, traditional wooden poles are the best choice. These curtain poles are perfect for hanging heavy curtain fabrics which complement the traditional look of the room. For perfect window treatment solution, wide array of wooden poles available in the market. All of them are stunningly beautiful and perfect fit for both traditional and modern home décor. Prices of curtain poles & finials are decided based on the material of the product and the brand as well. To get an idea about the price, you can explore online stores. There are many online stores that offer discounts on curtain accessories and shipping of the product as well.

The Length of Curtain Pole

Are you wondering what would be the perfect length of window curtain poles? Typically, the standard curtain poles come in standard sizes. They are of mainly two types such as, straight basic rod and telescoping pole. Before you go to shop curtain poles & finials, measure the width of the window and then buy accordingly. In the market, you will find the basic rods that come in a set length. As per the size of the window you can go and shop curtain poles. But if you are considering the telescoping curtain poles, you don’t need to worry about the width of the window. Telescoping curtain poles have a very good feature. You can pull them out to make longer and push it in to make smaller. So, whatever the size of the window is, you don’t need to worry at all. The telescoping poles are the best choice, if you are living in a rented house because of its flexible nature. If you are done with the type of curtain poles, start thinking about the finials to the ends. Finials are also important curtain accessories and they look great with the drapes.


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