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Ruffled & Trimmed Curtains

Are you finding some window treatments that adds chic and class to your home décor? Opt for ruffled & Trimmed Curtains for your bedrooms, kitchen, living room, kids’ room or even offices.

Ruffled & Trimmed Curtains come in different colors, prints ranging from solid colors to heavily printed fabrics. For your new home these elegant looking ruffled & Trimmed Curtains can be the best choice.

Add some brightness, style and warmth to your home interiors with these attractive looking ruffled curtains. Why not change the coring look of your bedrooms into charming ruffles. 

Add Ruffles and Trimmers 

Ruffles can be made of many different fabrics. You can team you ordinary curtains with some contrast colored ruffles, with laces, printed textiles and other material like, silk. The ruffles are fabrics extensions that are added usually at the sides or at the bottom of the curtains. These give a fuller look to your window dressing and adds plush look to your home décor.

To enhance the appeal of the curtains you can use fringe trim to the curtains. Decorative fringe trims like tassels, beads, frills are economical ways of adding style to your window drapes. Mostly braids are used to adorn the window curtains but, apart from these you can also embellish it with feather fringes, fabric fringes, silver or gold fringes. Get away from those boring and old fashioned drapes and give more style and luxury to your window treatments with ruffled & Trimmed Curtains.

Types of Ruffle & Trimmed Curtains

Single edged – These are one layer of gathered fabric with hemmed edges. You can give frills and trimmers to any one side of your window treatments. The ruffles run from the top of the curtains to the down side of the panels. These extend across the bottom and move upward to the side of the hem.

Double edged – Two identical frills run downwards to centre of the strip. If the two panels meet at the centre, then the ruffle on the basic panel starts under the rod pocket.

Ruffle Curtain Styles

• Priscilla ruffled curtains – Priscilla ruffled curtains are loved for generations and known for its timeless beauty and elegance. These are made with broad ruffles adoring the inside and bottom edges of curtains. Ruffled Priscilla’s are pulled back to the sides of huge and long windows with matching tie-backs. This gives a very charming look to the simple looking windows.

You can also use attached top ruffles stitched to the top of these curtains that can eliminate the need for separate valance. Priscilla ruffled & Trimmed Curtains can be used without attached top ruffles and hence, can be easily criss-crossed to make your windows looks stylish.

• Ruffled tiers curtains – make your windows look more traditional and of country side with these elegant looking ruffled tier curtains. These are also named as, ruffled privacy tiers or café curtains. If, you just want to cover the lower half of your window then you can opt for these tier curtains. You can always adorn your windows with ruffled valance teamed up with tier ruffle curtains to give a dramatic look to your living spaces. These are commonly used in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and private rooms. 

• Sheer ruffled curtains – Simplicity can always add more grace and style to your home décor. Sheer ruffled curtains are the best example of minimalism. These are light weight window dressings to enlighten the windows beauty. Welcoming your loved ones becomes more warming and inviting with sheer ruffle window treatments.

The sheer ruffle drapes can be made in different fabrics and shades. Variety of textiles are used fro such window decors – woven pattern, sheer scarf curtains, sheer panels and valances are some the types.  

• Other than these other styles are Prestige ruffled curtains, Dorothy ruffled curtains and swag curtains. The price of ruffled and Trimmed Curtains ranges from $50 to $700.

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