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Tie Backs and Tassels

Tie backs & tassels are one of the most important curtain accessories. Since curtains play a very crucial role in giving a new dimension of the rooms in your home or office, these accessories also have a significant role to play in this context. Whether you are installing a beautiful new set of curtains or have already installed a brand-new curtain set, you will require certain accessories to give a complete look to the curtains. And Tie backs & tassels are the most important accessories.

Tie Backs & Tassels Details

Your home décor is a reflection of who you are and how your taste is. So, you must keep an eye even on the slightest details. Curtain tie backs & tassels are a great, functional way to enhance the beauty of the room. Typically, the functionality of a curtain tie back is to pull back the curtains and curb the amount of light that you would like to let into the room. On the other had, tassel is a hanging ornament which is made by a bunch of cords and these are also used for decoration and style of curtains. However, curtain tie backs & tassels could be your style statement as you can use them to add preferred personality to your space.

Types of Tie Backs & Tassels

You can use Tie backs & tassels based on the kind of curtains of the room. For instance, for the large drapery, you need to use heavier curtain tie backs, while for glassy curtains, you can choose slight glass tie backs. Are you considering fabric tie backs for curtains? These types of curtain accessories are required to be trimmed accurately and stitched at the edges. These will give it a finished look. Designer style tie-backs have potential to create a magic. With these types of tie backs & tassels, the simplest curtains may look graceful. Just utilize them to embrace your drapes on both sides of the window.  By this, you can not just add an essence to the home décor, but also control light flowing into the room.

The style of tie backs & tassels can even give smaller spaces a brighter and larger look. While selecting tie back curtain styles, one must consider the look and style of the rest of the space. By employing contrasting colors schemes in the tie backs & tassels, you can give a contemporary look to the rest of your space. In the market, you can find beaded curtain tie backs which is considered as one of the most contemporary style of curtain accessories. These items could be found in various shapes and hues and you can pick them as per your home decor.

Size of Tie Backs & Tassels

Size of tie backs & tassels is another important factor to consider when selecting curtain accessories. If you are using a very small tie back, you might have to compromise with the look of the curtain as it will give the curtains a rather strangled look. On the contrary, with a very big tie back, your curtains will sag. So, it is always better to fit the curtain rod and curtains prior to choose tie backs & tassels.  Then it will be easier for you to take the right measurements and pick the perfect Tie backs & tassels.



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