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Traditional Curtains

There are many people who love traditional style curtains. These types of curtains mainly feature two pieces of fabric which come to the center for covering windows, doors, etc. Typically, traditional curtains are used to cover an entire opening. And sometimes, the curtains reach down to the floor. You might also consider traditional curtains for other options at your home. It brings a traditional look to your home. Traditional curtains are of various types. You can try triple, goblet pleat or pencil type-curtains.  You can also think of using French lace traditional curtains, traditional café curtains, and tiered styles curtains. A brief discussion of various traditional styles of curtains is given below:

French Lace Curtains

Being one of the most popular styles of traditional curtains, French Lace Curtains are mainly used for tablecloths and wedding dresses. Since French lace is a delicate fabric, it is mostly used to prepare traditional curtains. French lace curtains are of various designs and patterns and perfect to give your home a "French country" atmosphere.

Triple Pleat Traditional Curtains

This is another well known pattern which is used to prepare traditional style curtain.  These pleats or folds are formed by the dissimilar heading types. Triple Pleat traditional curtains are also called as the French or pinch pleat. These styles of curtains comprise three large, evenly spaced folds. These folds are stitched together at the bottom of the curtain.

Goblet Pleat Traditional Curtains

The main difference between goblet pleat and triple pleat is that it consists only one waving section of fabric instead of three.  To create this traditional curtain, a large goblet-shaped pleat is used. Otherwise, the formation is same as the triple pleat traditional curtain. 

Traditional Cafe Curtains

Traditional cafe curtains are used only to cover the bottom halves of windows. This allows sunlight to enter the room through the top half of the window. But it does not mean that with these types of curtains, you need to compromise with the privacy of the room.

There is no lack of popularity of traditional curtains over contemporary shades. Many houses use these types of curtains to decorate their homes for a traditional look.

Material of Traditional Curtains

Over the years, cotton remains as the main fabric to prepare traditional curtains. This is because it is easy to dye in different colors. Apart from this, designs are easy to be woven in the fabric. It is also not uncommon to see that the families use two sets of blinds. One is used for summers, while the other one for winters. It is noticed that the women from the rich families mostly choose silk, velvet and linen while shopping for traditional curtains. To give more traditional look, lace and embroidered edging is used.

Prices for Traditional Curtains

Last but not the least, how much you need to squander for traditional style curtains. Hence, traditional curtains are of diverse types, it comes with varied price tag. However, curtains that are made from silk, velvet and linen are more costly in this context.


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