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Our home decor choices are ultimately a reflection of our tastes and aesthetic senses. In the present era, the essence is optimum use of space and money. So, while decorating the home, the same principle should be followed. Some of the important aspects that you need to keep in mind while decking up your home includes the following. Check out what you should avoid and what you should pay heed to.

What are the Home Decor rules you should follow?

Decorate your home in the right manner and by putting in a little bit of extra effort, you win accolades for your aesthetic sense.

? Prior to buying furniture for your room (be it any room), it is important to know the dimensions of the same. If it is an electrical appliance you are planning to keep in a particular place, make sure there is an electrical outlet nearby and not at a far of distance from where you have to pull wires. It will look untidy.

? Get a plan for your floor sketched. It is better to carry this floor plan whenever you go shopping for furniture etc.

? Irrespective of the room you are planning to decorate, it is important to identify a focal point in the room. It can be a bed, your television, a fireplace etc. This is an important rule of home décor.

? It is very important to go through home décor magazines or navigate websites on the Internet that provide valuable information about how you should decorate your rooms and your house to make it attractive. You will also find valuable information on how to use space in an optimum manner.

? Select a theme for your room. And once you have done it, make sure you select the appropriate furniture and upholstery for the same.

? It is important to buy stuff for your rooms that complement the floor and the fabric.

? As far as lighting up your rooms is concerned, if you have colored your walls with subtle shades, the color of light in the room should be such that it will make it appear lighted up. Use dimmers wherever necessary.

? It is important to remember that you can afford to change the color of your wall, or replace a wall paper with a better one. But replacing furniture (especially the larger ones) is seldom done. So, if you are planning to buy a new set of furniture, try to buy a good one.

? Try to maintain a balance between the accessories, paint, furniture, fabric, flooring, lighting etc. This not only accentuates the theme you choose for your house but it will also make the home décor appear systematic and organized.

Home Decor Options you should avoid

Given below are few factors that you should avoid when you are planning to decorate your house. They are as follows –

? One of the most important aspects of home décor is choosing the right color tone for your rooms. Don’t follow the same color for all your rooms. This will impart a monotonous look. Go for variations.

? Keep the focal point in focus

? Don’t keep furniture that obstructs free movement. For example, if you place a table in front of the main door, it makes no sense.

? Don’t go by trends always. In order to stand out from the rest, you can opt for a theme that can be very different from what others have in their houses. This will make you different from the others.

? Don’t mismatch your furnishing, flooring, color tones etc.

? Avoid over crowding. Space out your furniture, if your floor space allows you to do so.

If you want your home décor expertise to be the topic of discussion among your friends and if you want your house to stand out from the rest, follow the guidelines above and watch how it works.

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