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Eco Friendly Homes

‘Save the planet…Go Green!’- The most popular mantra of present times, Go Green Movement have taken over the world. With the growing consciousness of inhabitants of the world to keep the planet green and safe for the existing and future generation, Eco Friendly Homes have come to being. Amidst all our efforts to keep our planet green and healthy for living beings, different measures are taken all over the world to keep a check on the pollution and conserve greenery and natural resources for the betterment of mankind.

Everyone is responsible in his/her own way to save the planet and its natural resources and this is the reason why companies, scientists, and individuals are coming up with innovative ideas to save the environment everyday! Eco Friendly Homes is a concept that not only ensures a healthy life but also green environment. The materials and techniques used to build these homes strongly combat carbon emissions and other toxin products in the environment. From geo-thermal heaters to water-electric turbines, these homes are made up of things that use sources of energy available in abundance rather than coals, wood or electricity.

The present climate change and the phenomenon of green house effect have forced the think tanks of the world to come up with alternative ideas to use water and solar energy for livelihood. The green homes are one such innovation that contributes its own share to the preservation of landscape and natural resources. The designs of eco-friendly homes are unique and nature friendly supporting various means of rain harvesting, solar heating and techniques to preserve the greenery around. Every aspect of these green homes ensures the nature is conserved to the best. The windows and doors of these homes are built in such a way that it allows the sunlight and natural fresh air to come in abundance hence reducing the usage of electricity. The land and area it’s built in are studied with great precision to ensure if it’s suitable for the construction of these kinds of homes.

Eco friendly home plans comprise usage of water efficiently, making way to recycling of water for household chores and storing rainwater for irrigation and other home activities. Eco friendly home fixtures such as low- force shower heads, dual flush toilets, and energy efficient lights can lead to reduction of water and electricity consumption. The best thing about eco-friendly homes is the low maintenance cost that it involves thus, making it the best bet for you.

Making use of the things like counter tops made of recycled glass, bamboo flooring, tankless water heaters, LED automatic faucets, and eco friendly furniture made of recycled materials and wood are the catch of these homes which, not only saves the environment but also leads you to a healthy lifestyle and fight against artificial wastes and harmful emissions like tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, inhaled particles, lead, pesticides, and numerous more.

Governments of various countries all over the world are taking initiatives to build Eco Friendly Homes across the globe. Green home projects and ideas are been talked about and researched on, to come up better ideas of preserving the green around.


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