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Feng Shui is a Chinese discipline that is believed to attract and increase our life energy according to how our home is arranged Feng Shui, as it stated, help to make things better in terms of career, finance, health, family and many such aspects of our everyday life. However, this practice of Feng Shui requires the help of a professional practitioner. It must be known that what to move and where to move to yield the desired result. Sensible and well judged color choice, moving photographs, and paperwork relating to career, studies and finance to auspicious location within the home also helps to achieve that perfect balance. Bad effects in the immediate surrounding of our home can also be reduced or blocked entirely with some proper judgment.

How Feng Shui works:


• Feng Shui has a lot of time-tested and accurate theories on how to preserve your prosperity. These solutions are based on the basic properties of elements that are used to alter the negative effects and initiate the positive effects to your environment.

• You can also enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui by merely changing the interior of your room, the colors of your walls, or relocating the furniture in your house.

Key Points of Feng Shui:

• Feng Shui it is believed helps you to indulge in positive thoughts and get negativity out of your living environment.

• It is also believed that Feng Shui helps to improve your living ambience by shifting one or more elements in your room.

• Relocating your furniture or changing the living arrangement in your room is not proper application of Feng Shui. You also need to attain the support of emotional and mental Feng Shui to receive the maximum result.

• While practicing Feng Shui, it is advised not to hold onto your negative thoughts as it would only block the favorable flow of Feng Shui energy.

• It is also believed in Feng Shui that by accepting Feng Shui principles, you can achieve balance, harmony and spiritual fulfillment.

• Positive Feng Shui can not be achieved without an open heart, mind and spirit.

• Feng Shui is not about altering your physical surroundings, but about changing yourself from within. Spiritual Feng Shui transforms you at both physical and meta-physical level.

General Feng Shui Tips:

• Clean the Clutter – The basic step in creating favorable Feng Shui energy in your house is to clean the clutter. Positive flow of Feng Shui energy is always favored in a neat and clean environment. Clutter blocks the way of positive chi into the house.

• Flow of Good Air and Good Light – Air and light are the two most important elements for good flow of chi in your house. Keep the air in your room fresh by opening the windows frequently; you can also use an air purifier. You must also ensure that the rooms of your house receive enough natural light. Also make good lighting arrangements in your room, there should be no dark corners in your room.

• Identify the Ba-Gua - Ba- Gua or the Feng Shui energy map points out the areas of your home connected to the definite areas of your life. You can use this to find out about the particular area of your life that requires attention like; it is said that the southeast Feng Shui area of your home is connected to the flow of wealth in life.

Feng Shui is a practice that is believed, to affect your internal surroundings as much as it affects your physical environment. To gain the maximum benefits of Feng Shui, you must start the practice from within. You need to be optimistic about accommodating the modifications in your life then only practicing Feng Shui would help.

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