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Kids room is an essential part if you have children in your family. Time and tide wait for none. You would never realize when your kid has reached a certain stage, when he/she may need a separate room. As a baby he/she always wants his/her parents by his/her side, but as he/she grows older, his/her perception changes. And the process of identifying himself begins with a separate room, because children can seek privacy to think, study and imagine freely in children’s room. Sometimes, you as a parent, may also feel the urge for a separate kids room, where you kid can play, rest, learn, imagine, create and most importantly grow. Decorating a kid’s room can be a real challenge, if you don’t have a proper plan to do it. Given below are some kids room design ideas on color and furniture:

Color: While choosing the right colors for kids room, you need to keep a few factors in your mind. First of all, children should always feel energetic to study as well as to create things. For this reason, always use bright colors like yellow, red, orange, purple, blue, green for your kid’s room. Since kids are a bit on messier side, light colors are not at all recommended for their room. You can use two or three hues for different walls. You also can go for bright wallpapers of your kid’s choice. For example, if your kid loves Harry Potter, you can use wizard wallpapers on the walls.

Furniture: When it comes to kids room furniture, always go for minimum furniture items. Bed, wardrobe and study desk are must for kids room. While choosing kids room furniture, always keep sturdiness and simplicity in mind. You can go for themed or fancy beds, but bunk beds are very popular amongst children. Solid wood is the best material for kids room furniture as it is cost-effective and as well as comes in variety of color shades to match your style. Cabinets in children room is an excellent idea, since they are great to store your child’s toys and games. Don’t use glass or mirrors in any furniture piece, because it can cause severe accidents. 

Children are receptive as well as they can be very easily pleased. But when it comes to a kids room, your kid may behave like a choosy adult. The entire decoration of kid’s room should be pleasing to the eyes of your kid. For this reason, try to adopt such a style, which suits your kids’ mood and personality. From kids room accessories to furniture items, you need to choose ever article very carefully. The entire décor of the kid’s room should brighten up the mood of your children, even if they are in their worst mood. So… what are you waiting for now?

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