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Kitchen is the place where foods are prepared. For this reason, kitchen is a very important corner of a household. In other words, kitchens are the place where you nurture the health and soul of your whole family. There are mainly two basic types of kitchen: domestic kitchen and commercial kitchen. Domestic kitchen is the place where the foods of a family are prepared. But commercial kitchen can be seen in hotels and restaurants, where foods are prepared to serve commercial purpose. Generally, the cook prepares food for a couple of persons in domestic kitchen while the commercial kitchen is used to cook for hundreds at a time. For this reason, domestic kitchen is comparatively smaller than the commercial kitchen.

However, kitchen layouts have been changing from middle ages to modern age. In modern times, minimalism and functionality… these are the basic requirements of any kitchen. The size and shape of the kitchen area plays a vital role in selecting the kitchen design. Given below are some popular kitchen layouts of modern days:

• I-shaped kitchen: If you have the narrow kitchen room, this layout is recommended for you. The I-shape offers longer journey distances, which is helpful when you will walk from one end to the other end of the kitchen. In this kitchen, sink is placed between the refrigerator and the stove.

• Galley kitchen: Galley kitchen is suitable for small spaces. This kitchen allows smooth work flow, for which this layout is also adopted by many small restaurants. In this kitchen, cabinets are placed on the opposite walls to avoid any accidents.

• L-shaped kitchen: L-shaped kitchen is very popular for its intelligent utilization of space, which allows easy traffic flow. This kitchen can have a dining area along with it. For this reason, this type of kitchen is especially recommended for families.

• G-shaped kitchen: This type of kitchen has an additional fourth wall to use as a counter, an island, or a separate storage space. For this reason, the G-shaped kitchen is recommended for commercial use or if you have greater number of members in your family.

• Double L-shaped kitchen: This type of kitchen allows bigger space for cabinet and counters. This kitchen is recommended for kitchens, where more than one cook works. It also has two or more entering areas, which leads to enough traffic flow.

• U-shaped kitchen: The U-shape offers three walls, which in turn gives short distances around the kitchen. This layout offers a good amount of worktops as well as cabinets.

Kitchen Island and modular kitchen… these two kitchen design ideas are the most popular ones these days:

? Kitchen Island: How many times, do you regret that you don’t have a kitchen, which is suitable for socializing? Well, Kitchen Island is here to rescue you. This popular layout allows you to cook and at the same time to entertain and socialize with your guests. For this reason, this kitchen layout is getting more and more popularity these days.

? Modular kitchen: Modular kitchen is the best example of a modern kitchen. Modular Kitchens are made of many modules, which form the entire kitchen design together. Modular kitchen cabinets are built keeping in mind the size, shape, length and width of your kitchen. The necessary kitchen accessories like chimneys, ventilators, sink are inbuilt, so that you can avoid the hazards of installing them later on.

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