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Living rooms are one of the most important rooms in the house since a considerable amount of time is spent here. Decorating a living room doesn’t require expensive furniture or wall papers. You can make your living room appealing with the help of furniture and accessories that are affordable. It is not necessary that you have to buy expensive antique furniture to grace your living room. However, living rooms should essentially have a theme on the basis of which you can decorate them.

Decorating living rooms need not be expensive always There is a common misconception about home decoration. Majority of the people think that unless you shell out hundreds of dollars on decorative pieces that grace your living room, it will not be appealing. But this isn’t true. In fact the best looking furniture in your living room may perhaps be the cheapest one around. What you need to do is shop patiently for buying the decorative items of your living room.

Generally every living room has a theme according to which it is decorated. Themes may be of the following types –

  • Traditional  Living Room : It mainly consists of decorative furniture characteristics of the primitive, early American and Colonial styles. Furniture has dark colored wooden finish. To complement this kind of style, patterned upholstery as well as skinny leg furnishing is used mainly.
  • Shabby Chic Living Rooms with this theme have furniture that has faded with time and appear old. Sometimes they may be obsolete. The Wabi-Sabi look has become more common these days if you want to incorporate Shabby Chic theme in your living room. Some of the popular colors used include faded yellow, pink, pistachio and lavender.
  • Modern Modern Living Rooms radiate a very casual look. Metal accents, angular lines, sleek surfaces, geometric shapes etc are usually avoided in living rooms that are decorated as per a modern theme.

Is there any rule for decorating living rooms?
It is not necessary that you have to decorate your living room in the same way as others do. But majority of the people rely on their aesthetic sense and how it will appeal to the people. Once you are done with selecting the theme for your living room, next comes decorating the living rooms. How will you decorate your living room?

Follow this step by step process to make your living rooms one of the most talked about rooms among your friends.

  • Choose a “focal point”. It is better to find out a focal point in the room. For instance the television can be used as the same.
  • Arrange your furniture in a manner that it is facing the television. In other words, face a particular direction.
  • Living rooms say a lot about you. Often the living rooms are used for multiple functions. These rooms can be used as dining space, playroom, study etc. In that case, it is better to separate and demarcate these areas.
  • Confine your dining table at one corner or your book shelf in another. You can do so either with the help of curtains that complement the furniture of your room or by placing wooden furniture very strategically that will make the demarcation evident.
  • Sofas in a living room occupy the maximum space and place it so that there is enough room to move around.
  • Avoid cluttering and it shouldn’t look overcrowded. The manner in which living rooms are decorated say a lot about your sense of decoration, cleanliness and how you are as a person.

The best way to make your living rooms attractive is to place the right furniture in the right place, fuse it with the right wall colors, choose the appropriate theme, and select the right set of furniture.



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