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"It's my life…………." Remember this famous song by Bon Jovi? This song made everybody think twice about the way people live their life. Didn't it? Strange! It might sound, but maximum of us are not ready with the answers of two questions of life…. 'Who am I?' and 'What am I Doing?' It's your life, live it the way you want to, understand your priorities, your wishes and your desires. Be aware and upright about the choices you want to make in life to just live the way you want to. Direct your life according to a famous saying "Live life King Size." Understanding yourself is very important to live a life of your choice, so that you don’t forget your way to the dreams. Live life off the edge; live life off the moment, fulfill your each desire.

How many times have you stood in front of the mirror to ask yourself 'what am I doing in life?' A major issue of complexity in life is finding your goal and aim. Maximum people at some point of time have also faced with the inner conflict of 'what is the meaning of my life?' We often find ourselves lost in the maze of life to find out the meaning and get directed towards the wrong path. The key to the solution is listening to you.  Why wait for some outside influences? Motivate your own inner self, influence your thought and give meaning to your life in your way.  Measure your steps towards the path of life to get an enriching experience. Embrace everything the world or your life, gives you and nurture it with full care. Face life as it comes and make your own way to success in the path of life.

Now, when we are talking about, making your own choices and living life in your own terms, we are not talking about embracing the negativities of life. We are not talking about choosing the wrong path. What we are saying is, cut your own road to success among the many difficulties that life poses for you and come out successful in life.  Living life in own terms signifies your success and the way you want it to be but definitely not through the wrong path.  Give a thought to your life and come out colorful with the belief in yourself. Make your life intentional and make the way of your living inspirational at the same time.

Many a times we fail in our plan and thought of re-designing life in our own style, but the mantra is not to droop down but rise above the challenge and see life in a new light. It's all about living in the paradox, knowing nothing about the next second, but still knowing to believing. As per the words of poet, 'David Whyte', "it’s like being able to live with both of the Ah! and Argh!" Embracing both the world of paradoxes and choices and having a slice of both worlds. It's about believing in everything and facing everything that life offers for you, yet to come out smiling of it. It’s about living life with intent.

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