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Go Green in Style!

Go green! Be eco-friendly! Be environment friendly! What do all these terms mean to you? The latest mantra ‘green living’ has spread like wildfire. People are echoing it with or without knowing what it means. It has emerged to be a style statement for some, whereas it holds some serious significance for the rest. Whatever, the reason maybe, when the present rage is all about going green…let’s know a few pointers that can help us get a deeper understanding of the term.

I am not going to talk global warming and the rise of global temperature…we all know it! The basic concern remains finding out a solution to combat the situation. Not me neither just you, both of us can start the search but the find will only be possible when the entire world joins hands to make it happen. 

The present climatic conditions affected by global warming have forced the think tanks around the world to find out a way to bring back things to normal. It has paved way for numerous ideas and concepts to play its role in controlling the green house effect and one of it is living environment friendly way. As we all know, the major reason behind imbalance in the nature is created by us, that is, humans. And, we are the best people to reduce it. This can be done very easily by maintaining few tips to create a greener planet, safe for all living beings residing on it and for our future generation. Everyone of us have our share of responsibility to add to the healthy environment of earth, our planet and the best way to do so is by going green.

Plant as many trees you can, use recyclable products, reduce usage of plastics and toxin products, use energy effectively, save water and electricity and promote green living. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is indeed! Few simple steps can help you go green with all its positive outcomes. Do you switch off the fans and lights at home before you go out? Do you put off the taps and water sources at home once you are done with it? Do you dump the garbage in its proper place? Well, there is a lot more but if your answer is yes to all these questions, then you are doing well for the planet and restoring its natural and green self.

Nowadays, governments all over the world are giving subsidies on house prices if you go for green homes and apartments. These are the homes, which contribute considerably to the eco-system by maintaining basic standards of green living. From the surroundings of these homes to the interiors and exteriors too are epitomes of green living. Use lesser amount of natural resources like coal, wood and petroleum. Use more of solar power and wind energy. Use water to generate electricity. Use LPG for your vehicles and save petroleum. Wear green clothes made of recyclable products like cotton and jute. There is a lot more you can do, but the basics if followed, can not only make earth a better and safer place but also add to the health of you and your family.

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