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Food, shelter, and clothes are the necessities of life. The fact why money does not feature on the list is quite thought provoking. After all, it is the driving force of a healthy living, good food and proper shelter. Everybody in the world runs after money these days to secure a proper life style. People feel blessed to be endowed with a good financial set up, isn’t it? Money is the essential part of today’s life to live off the edge and live off the moment. Look at money from a different perspective to get an idea about what money is all about. Money is nothing complex, it is just what you want it to be. If you want money to be your world, it is so, and if you want the world to be your money, it is again so. Robert Kiyosaki in his best selling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, says, “Money is just an idea”.

Take a simpler look at the concept of money to live a healthy tension free life. If you think that the money only acts as a shield to your dangers, then it is high time you change your thought process. Otherwise, you will be driven towards a defensive attitude rather than enjoying the financial position. We are not denying the importance of money in your life, but its all about having a brighter side to the prospect. Carving out a relationship entirely on the perspective of defensive thought, you just live on a survival mode. Think of money like any other requirements of life, and enjoy the prospect of a good financial set-up. Master the skill of making money, do run after it but don’t run after it blindfolded. It is obvious that you are not born with money, money comes to you, and you need to balance it properly in your life. Save your money to make all your wishes a reality.

Master your money, first make your money as it inflows in your life and then save your money to get the maximum out of it. As you are saving your money, you are definitely making a room for more money in your life. Saving a few buck here and there and cutting costs to an extent always comes up in everybody’s mind. Splurging money probably runs in our blood, but with proper care, you can at the same time save up and also enjoy moments of life.  Saving money without feeling the pinch of it is an art and mastering that art leads you to a money master. A bit of resourcefulness and lot of creativity can work towards saving up the bill. Know how to spend your money, until you spend your money, the interest of collecting it won’t arise. The key to mastering the skill of moneymaking also lies on the investment part. Proper utilization of money in other projects makes the road easier.

The whole cycle of moneymaking is quite a task; it’s like a tree that is growing and producing fruits and again back in the cycle. It spreads its branches, until you cut it short. Money definitely does not grow on trees, but the concept of moneymaking can be very well compared with the growth of a tree.

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