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What is style? Many of us feel that style is quite similar to fashion. However, in fact, style is completely different from fashion. Following latest trends blindly is not a style statement; neither does it make you a style diva. Style is something, in which you are comfortable. Style is what you feel confident about. It is just like the same piece of clothing, which looks great on your friend, looks bad on you. This is simply because your friend can carry it well, unlike you. Comfort and confidence… these are the basic requirements in making yourself stylish and enhancing your appearance more pleasing. 

When it comes to style Vs fashion, many of us get confused to make a pick. Well, the decision should be made very carefully. Choose keeping in mind your height, weight, and complexion. Looking stylish boosts your confidence, which, in turn, makes you feel beautiful and stylish from inside. No matter whether you are overweight, if you choose the right apparels, you can do wonders. Look around. There are thousands of people around you, who are not-so-good-looking, yet they manage to stand out in the crowd. Reason… their sense of style. Do not feel bad if you cannot carry the latest fashion trends. Follow what you are comfortable in, no matter if this is a previous-decade fashion.

When it comes to style, looking good from outside is not all. The way you carry yourself, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you seat, the way you communicate with other… everything counts to make you a real style diva. Therefore, attractive attitude is equally important to be stylish. Of course, stylish body language is something built-in, but you can achieve it through the grooming classes. For this, you can search online, where you can find a number of professional grooming schools in your vicinity. One thing, you have to remember, without the proper attitude, you never ever can be stylish, no matter whether you wear Gucci shades or Ferragamo shoes.

Personality counts a lot in your style. The right posture is very important in boosting your personality. Believe it or not, high heels can increase your personality and body gesture to a different level. High heels are not only good for the perfect body gesture, but they also can enhance your overall confidence and personality. Stilettos are wonderful to enhance your personality. Besides that, stilettos gel well with any kind of dresses; from formal to casual; from office wears to party dresses.

Many of us are only concerned about the budget style. Moreover, of course, our budget plays a key role in determining our appearance. The latest collections of the high-end designers are too expensive to afford for many of us. If there is any alternative or you simply have to remain deprived of the designer wears. Shop around in the street shops for a feasible shopping experience. Did you know latest trends hit the roadside shops first? In the street shops, you can find cheap alternatives to costly designer wears. You can have the same look and class, but in a cheaper way. Of course, you can visit the designer shops to see whether there is anything, which suits your style. Recapitulate the style and theme to your tailor and ask him/her to make a similar dress in the most cost-effective way.

Complimenting your dress with your accessories is also very important in order to look stylish. If you wear an ethnic dress along with some funky accessories, your entire look may be ruined. There are a huge scope for mix and match, when it comes to style. But you need to mix and blend two or more styles in way, which offers an overall organized look. Besides that, making a right choice of dresses according to the occasion is also very important. You cannot make a mistake to pick a casual shirt to wear in your office or take a formal leather bag in an outing with friends. There are a number of lifestyle magazines and style magazines, where you can find useful tips to choose your accessories according to your dresses.


You cannot ignore the importance of makeup in style in entirety. Do not overdo it. Cosmetics and makeup are essential to enrich your appearance. Learn how to apply makeup in different occasions. Nude makeup is suitable for daytime while glossy makeup is ideal for evening. It is always advisable to use only reputed brand makeup items, since they are applied on your tender skin. There are a number of renowned cosmetic brands in the world. There are different ranges of cosmetics and makeup, which suit different types of skin. Select the cosmetics only after checking the ingredients to suit your skin type. For example, mineral makeup is suitable for sensitive skin. Therefore, it is better to use mineral makeup on sensitive skin, rather than keep on experimenting. In addition, do not forget to carry some makeup essentials like lip color, gloss, eye pencil etc with you for touchups.

Style is all about outer as well as inner beauty. Proper innerwear is no less important for a beautiful and smart appearance. Undergarments play a vital role in boasting your confidence. They not only set the stage ready for your outfit, but also enhance your overall look. While choosing the innerwear, pay special attention to the size. It is very necessary to wear right size undergarments, which make you feel comfortable throughout the day. The color of the undergarments is also very important. Always choose the color of the undergarments according to your dresses, so that it can compliment your attire without being visible.

Last but not the least; maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Eat well and think well. Be confident on yourself. Know yourself. Try to figure out what looks good on you and what not. Do not be a blind follower of what everyone is following. Make your own style and make others follow your style. After all, a true style diva is all about that!

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