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Celebrities and celebrity style are most talked about elements in the fashion and glamour world. From journal to tabloids…media covers every aspect of it. Let it be what they are wearing or where they are shopping…celebrity style never seizes to be the most happening news on media. Fashion journalists, Page 3 reporters, and fashion photographers dream to catch a glimpse of their favorite stylish celeb and talk about them. From red carpet events to film premiers, well dressed celebs are followed and chased all around. They are true fashion divas and style icons the world looks up to. Millions of fashionistas across the globe follow and emulate their favorite celebrity style to look glamorous. Most of the celebrities set trends which are then talked about all over and hence, style icons are created.

Since decades celebrities have been the role model for youngsters and teenagers. The way they talk, the way they walk, outfits they wear, make-up they put on…everything remains in the limelight from the time a star is born. Let her be a sports person, a film star, a designer, a socialite or a model, celebs can never afford to go wrong when it comes to fashion. With big brands and designers by their side, celebrities all over the world go on creating trends and fashion statements with everything they wear. Celebrity style is one of the most important parts of the fashion world…it promotes designers, brands and fashion houses. Every year these extremely fashionable celebs come out with something new for the rest of the world to follow! They are the inspiration for millions of aspiring designer, models, and common mass who want to look good and attract admiring glances. Let’s have a look at the top celebrity styles that became popular this year.

Long Gowns: With Penélope Cruz walking the red carpet with grace at Goya Awards held in Spain, long designer gown has become something to watch out for. She was wearing a cream colored gown teamed up with a designer clutch and diamond earrings…something definitely worth imitating this year!

Floral Dress: Demi Moore sported a floral designer dress at the premier of Valentine’s Day in UK. This can be a great outfit for parties and events this year.

Spring Prints: Dresses with spring prints, mellow colors, and fresh designs are ‘in’ this year. Kate Bosworth looked pretty in it at a dinner invitation in New York.

Strapless Dresses: If you liked Jennifer Garner’s look at the Valentine’s Day premier, then you too might want to go for strapless dresses with pumps. Go for laced ones…it looks amazing!

At the end of the day it’s your personality and attitude that compliments your outfit. So whatever celebrity style you follow, don’t leave your attitude back home…it’s cool to carry it along!

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