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Style is nothing but how you can carry yourself and how confident you feel in your clothing. Any dress can look stylish on you, if you can carry it well. The definition of stylish Clothes, thus, differs from person to person. Style is not only just about how the cut, design and color of the dress look on you, but also how you can carry with the whole look. In fact, style and fashion differs in this. Fashion, on the one hand, refers to the latest trends, while style is the reflection of your personality, preferences and comfort level.

The skirt, which looks great on your friend, may look disastrous on you. Every individual is different in his/her way. A young man may feel comfortable in jeans and T-shirts, while a young college-going boy may prefer formal shirts and trousers. If they swap their clothing, they will not only feel uncomfortable, but these Clothes may not suit them either. While selecting stylish Clothes, always keep your body shape and size in mind. Besides these, there are certain other factors like complexion, personality, affordability, and comfort zone which play a key role in selecting your personal style.

Stylish Clothes for men: Is your style casual? Then you have some trendy options like Diesel and Krush jeans to wear along with your faded trendy t-shirts. Don’t forget the colored belts from Solis or F&T to add drama to your look. Nothing can gel better with this trendy look other than a pair of bright-colored sneakers. Krush and FCUK has introduced cool button down shirts, which go great with both casual and formal look.

Stylish Clothes for women: Women have more options than men, when it comes to clothing options. But you should keep your body type in mind while choosing a dress. Off shoulder or single shoulder dresses are great if you have killing carves. But if you are a bit on a healthier side, silhouettes are great for both casual and formal occasions. The best way to select a dress is to praise your figure first. Then come to the details like color, style and accessories. The safest option for all occasions is a classy black coat, which goes with almost everything. So it’s definitely a must buy for women of all ages.

Stylish Clothes for teens: Teens generally don’t have enough finance to spend on stylish and trendy Clothes, so they need style on a budget. For them, the best places to shop are eBay, local shops, seasonal sales, and vintage stores. Whether it is a tee or a pair of jeans, a shirt or a skirt or a party wear, they can have anything and everything in these places.

Style for plus size: The style meter never ever depends on your size. A plus size woman can be equally stylish as the slender cheer leader of your school. It depends on how you can carry the whole look as well as how confident you are wearing the Clothes. In this regard, fittings play a key role. If loose fitted Clothes can give you a hanger look, the too-much tight Clothes can make you look quite disproportionate and uncomfortable. So, always go for the right size while choosing a cloth. If needed, first try the apparel and then buy only if it suits you.

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