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Elements of Style

Someone wearing fashionable clothes and yet looking awkward…how often have we seen something like this? Well, it’s quite a regular sight. They actually lack the elements of style. A person can acquire the latest fashion and trends but style cannot be acquired. It depends upon an individual as to which fashion to follow and how to carry it. The basic elements of style are something which never lets you go wrong, even if you wear plain clothes. Style is something that defines your personality and attitude. If you’re stylish, you have all reasons to be fashionable. From following latest trends to classic wear, being stylish is just about being conscious of the elements of style. Your wardrobe can get you everything but not the proper sense of style. It is something for you to work on and improve.

The lack of basic elements of style can ruin your wardrobe, even if it’s updated and extremely fashionable. So, it’s wise to follow come guidelines of style to look fashionable every time you step out.

Groom your appearance: The first basic element of being stylish is to be well groomed. Take care of your hair, your hands, legs and body and your skin…nobody likes women looking like garbage dumps. Remember, your nails can make or break the impression…try to keep them clean and shaped.

Proper Clothes: Clothes don’t have to be expensive when it comes to stylish clothing. Wear properly matched clothes, without creases and clean. This shall do the best for your appearance.

Don’t over accessorize: Don’t wear all the accessories that you have together. It doesn’t only look gross but also cheap. Wear only those that suit your outfit and the ones you’re comfortable carrying.

Try to understand yourself: Don’t follow everything that’s in trend. If something doesn’t suit your personality, there’s no use of wearing it. Try to find out what looks good on you and what you can carry comfortable with confidence. Blind followers are trends are not only foolish but also naïve.

Hairstyle: Try out a hairstyle that suits your face cut. Go to a hair stylist if required. Regular trimming of hair and maintaining it can do wonders to your looks. Don’t color your hair unless you’re too sure of it. Ask the stylist if you’re confused about the color to go for. A little help can always make you find your way.

Ultimately it’s all about how you carry yourself in what you wear. Don’t leave your attitude and confidence at home when you’re dressed up and all set for the special occasions and that’s one of the most important elements of style.

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