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"Fashions fade - style is eternal"…true to the saying, the one who transcends fashion with individual style becomes a style icon for ever. What exactly is meant by a style icon and who are they? Well, style icons are those fashionable people who introduce and influence a particular style. They create fashion statements with everything they wear and are referred to as timeless stylish people. Style icons make every simple outfit look unique with their creativity, innovation, and sense of style. The outfits they wear, accessories they sport, and footwear they walk in…everything shows who they are and how they live.

They are the ones we look up to, we steal style tips from them and study their every single move…they are the oomph factors of the fashion industry and heartthrobs of millions across the world…they are the style icons who make statements with everything they wear. A style icon understands her body well, she knows what looks good on her, and what compliments her figure. She is the one who knows she can create magic with the way she moves, talks and her style. Style icons are followed by fans from all over the world…women want to imitate their dressing style and men lose their hearts to them everyday. Let’s have a look at some of the famous style icons who have not only created a revolution in the fashion industry but also have introduced a new way of dressing up.

Audrey Hepburn: Style icon of all times, Audrey Hepburn is famous for her Capri look. From blouses to the skirts she wore are popular till date. She was the one who made flat sandals popular with young women. She will always be remembered as an eternal style icon for her grace and elegance.

Princess Diana: The most photographed woman in the whole wide world, Diana had her own style which made her stand apart from the rest. Extremely graceful and elegant with everything she wore, Diana is the most talked about style icon of all times.


Madonna: Her name cannot be left out when it comes to famous style icons. Unique with everything, Madonna brought over a revolution in the fashion industry. Women for years followed her way of dressing while men talked about her boldness.

Sarah Jessica Parker: The ‘Sex and the City’ actress has won million of hearts with not only her acting talent but also her dressing style. From high heels to funky outfits, she is equally graceful in everything she wears. Giant flowers, silk hats, and classic outfits never go wrong with her personality.

Victoria Beckham: The ‘Spice Girls’ queen, Victoria Beckham never goes wrong with her stylish wardrobe. Chic and extremely gorgeous sense of dressing makes her one of the most sought after style icons in the present.

Kate Moss: Kate Moss created a revolution with her waif look in the nineties. All time style icon, she doesn’t follow trends but creates one every time she dresses up. Her simple yet edgy look makes her the top favorite style icon with the present generation.

Agyness Deyn: The model girl definitely knows to be unique. She is not apprehensive of sporting bright colors and is unique with everything she wears. Her punk wardrobe is followed by millions of her fans who love to draw attention and create a statement.

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