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Stylish Designers

They weave their thoughts to create new designs for the fashion crazy generation. They are inspirations for some and icons for the rest, stylish designers are truly artists whose creativity and sense of style set trends in the glamour world. Fashion designers are much hyped professionals who are looked up to by not only the glamour world, but the entire clan of fashion followers. They create a niche for fashion clothing, creating new trends in terms of fashion apparels, accessories, and footwear. People wait for their latest designs eagerly while the designers induce their ideas to new cuts and styles of fashion merchandises.

Clothes, jewelry, bags, footwear, belts, watches, scarves, stoles, shades, cosmetics and a lot more…the list is endless when we talk about the domains of stylish designers. From glamour celebrities to sports icons, stylish fashion designers are much celebrated personalities who always remain in the lime light of media and critics. Everything about these fashion stylists seems to be larger than life…their fashion shows, fashion events, introduction of new clothing lines and their clientele. Their work makes them who they are and their talent takes them to higher levels of fame, success, and glory. The successful fashion designers not only excel in terms of their creativity but also uniqueness of the same. Let’s have a look at some of the famous stylish designers of the time, who have created history with their work.

Top Fashion Designers:

Tommy Hilfiger: One of the most popular fashion designers of the time who, with his work, has emerged to be a brand name himself. Looked up to by millions of fashion lovers around the globe, Hilfiger always believed in working for the common man. Today he has his designer showrooms in all the big cities of the world.

Michael Kors: Unique and innovative, Michael Kors is one of the most famous stylish designers in the world. He started designing apparels when he was 19 and since then, success has not left him, even for a moment. The owners of famous clothing lines like KORS Michael Kors and MICHAEL Michael Kors, he is one of the most celebrated designers in the glamour industry. His design houses are popular with the high stature celebrities and professionals. Located in Miami, New York, Las Vegas, South Coast Plaza, and Beverly Hills, nothing else seems worth enough when it comes to his design boutiques.

Calvin Klein: One of the famous names of all times, Calvin Klein is known to all for his designs and huge clientele. An immensely talented stylish designer, Klein is known for his underwear lines all over the world.

Prada: All time genius, Miuccia Prada is one of the most famous names in the world of fashion designing. Her talent incorporated innovation and creativity. She’s experimental and unique with her designs. In the mid eighties to nineties the world was taken aback by her exceptionally amazing line of clothing that became instant hit for its clean lines and comfortable fabrics. She is an icon to numerous aspiring designers all over the world.

Stylish designers have always been the center of attention for fashion chasers all over the world. They not only act as an inspiration for others but also bring about revolutions in the fashion industry, influencing the life of millions all over the world.

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