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Style Today is marked by individual choices and personal outlook towards fashion. It has come a long way, through experiments and innovations over the years, to emerge as a global phenomenon of being comfortable and confident. Style today is all about mixing and matching fashion outfits with accessories and blings. The trend today is to wear anything and everything that compliments your body type and looks. The ‘mantra’ is to wear an attitude with everything you have in your closet…let it be pair of denims or long classic dresses.

When it comes to current fashion trends, fashion experts advice to select clothes carefully based on your body type. You have to know yourself well to be confident about the outfits you wear. The style today is branded by chic and casual fashion apparels that not only make you look trendy but also elegant. For advice, you can look into celebrity tips on style today, from people who know the industry and walk the glamour world. For more information on style today, read on…

Top Trends and Style Today:

Dresses: Dresses, be it long, short or knee length, never lose appeal when it comes to looking fashionable and glamorous. To look unique, team up your dresses with proper accessories and stilettos.

Prints: Prints of all kinds are top trend today. Go for the geometric or floral ones…they look gorgeous on all body types. Short dresses with big abstract prints are ‘in’ this season.

Leather: It’s time to welcome back the leather apparels. It is the top fashion trend today. Leather pants, skirts, jackets, and minis are ruling the fashion world. Go for pastel and nude shades like white, brown, black and camel.

Bright Colors: When it comes to colors, bright colors are in this fashion season. Shocking oranges, red, yellow, and green are the colors making present trend.

Straps and frills: Dresses and outfits with frills and straps are in this season. Go for different styles and designs this season to make a statement.

Military Prints: The style trend today is outfits having military prints. From jackets to capris, military patters are ruling the fashion world. You can also go for olive and green colors.

Necklaces: Beads and double chain necklaces are the rage this season. Go for the stone or metal ones…you can never go wrong with these trendy pieces.

Trench Coats: Trench coats are favorite this year. Go for the short or long ones and try out various fabrics.

Footwear: Heels, platforms and stilettos will be one of the hot favorite fashion trends this season. Flat sandals with embellishments will also be in vogue this year.

Denims: Like always denims will rule the fashion world this season. Pockets and zippers will be something to look forward to this year.

Message T’s: T-shirts with messages written on them, will come back this season. Go for the intelligent and smart ones. You can also personalize these T-shirts by printing your personal messages on it.

Designer Clothes: Unique and chic designer clothes will be the trend this season. Go for the right cuts and designs to compliment and enhance your figure. Team it up with designer footwear and accessories.

Ultimately being casual is the style today. Wear anything you want but make sure you’re comfortable in it.

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